Fremax Headquarters

Point Map Address:
Rua Anaburgo, 5.600
Joinville. SC - Brasil


| Safety is the maximum
value at Fremax.

For over 30 years, Fremax manufactures premium auto parts, recognized for quality and safety in the most demanding automotive markets worldwide.

<span>|</span> For over 30 years <br>innovating to make the best.

| For over 30 years
innovating to make the best.

Located in Joinville SC, south of Brazil, Fremax manufactures auto parts for passenger cars and light trucks in a 25,000-m² industrial facility.

For 30 years the
safest brake in Brazil.

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| Agile, modern and
secure logistics.

The plant in Brazil, and the distribution centers in Argentina and the Netherlands are located strategically near the main harbors, airports, and railways in the regions. Fremax ensures fast delivery of its products to all continents.

Stock Car / Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge

Due to the superior quality of its brake discs and drums, Fremax is the Official and Exclusive Supplier of Stock Car Brazil and Porsche GT3 Cup Brazil, two of the main racing categories in South America. In both categories better braking efficiency was achieved thus Fremax brake discs.

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Fremax esteems quality in everything it makes: in manufacturing, shipment, storage, distribution, and sales, so everybody feels safer on streets and tracks.

Better drives us

Original equipment manufacturer

Mitsubishi Motors / Suzuki / Renault

60.000 applications 1.900 part numbers

Attested quality

OEM Original Manufactorer ISO 9001 Certified IATF16949.2016 Certified ECE R90 II Selo ONAC ISO 14001

* None of these brands belong to Fremax.

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Connecting people and riches to generate prosperity.


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Safety and Quality
Innovation and Technology
Image and legacy preservation
Randon is all of us


Offer availability, portfolio and services in auto parts.


Constantly and sustainably revolutionize the production and marketing of auto parts on the world market.


To be a global and sustainable company, with annual net sales of 328 million until 2024.


For the Randon Companies, people of integrity are valued above any other priority, in which no emergency situation, production or financial result can compromise the health and safety of our people. Our strategic fundamentals are supported by the following guidelines:

  • Provide a safe, healthy environment, with a commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce risks;
  • Take care to protect the environment and prevent pollution;
  • Guarantee quality and safety of products and services throughout the value chain;
  • Ensure the Organization's competence to meet the applicable legislation, standards and other requirements, in an impartial and responsible manner;
  • Promote the development of people and manage resources to ensure business competitiveness;
  • Stimulate the culture of innovation for the organization's sustainability;
  • Encourage continuous improvement of the management system, involving stakeholders.


Responsabilidade Social

As innovation starts with motivated and skilled people, investing and valorizing them is one of the core values at Fremax. For this reason Fremax invests in several social projects such as the adoption of Evaldo Koehler Municipal School in Joinville.

The company has already been recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work For in a survey performed by the “VOCÊ/SA Magazine” and the “Fundação Instituto Administração” (Administration Institute Foundation) (FIA).