Fremax Headquarters

Point Map Address:
Rua Anaburgo, 5.600
Joinville. SC - Brasil


fremax on the race tracks

Fremax is the Official and
Exclusive brake supplier of the
main car racing categories.

Only premium brands become suppliers of the main racing categories. That’s why Fremax brake discs are the choice of the largest South American car racing categories.

What is the difference between brake discs for passenger cars and auto racing?


Racing cars can reach over 250 km/h, so in addition to efficient brakes, they require specific and proper designs to assure the safety of the drivers.

Fremax developed unique brake discs for each car racing category.

Beside these categories, Fremax is also the Official and Exclusive Supplier of the brake discs for “F3 Brasil”, “Copa Petrobras de Marcas” and Mercedes-Benz Challenge. All of them attest Fremax’s quality. It is word experts: Fremax is real quality on all race tracks.
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Porsche Cup
Mercedes Benz Challenge
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